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Approval from APEDA
The Agricultural and Processed Food Products Export Development Authority (APEDA) was established by the Government of India in 1985. Amongst several of its functions, APEDA also carries out inspection of meat and meat products in slaughter houses, processing plants, storage premises, conveyances or other places where such products are kept or handled for the purpose of ensuring the quality of such products. Without APEDA approval one cannot operate a slaughter house and export from India. It may be also noted that APEDA conducts inspection on a annual basis and occasionally conducts random visits.

Halal certification
The Halal certificate is issued by Jamiat-e-ulama, an important body for issuance of halal certificate. Their official(s) is/are posted at the production area twenty four hours.

ISO 22000 certificate from TUV Nord
TÜV NORD is one of the world's largest international inspection organization, based out of Germany. The TÜV group was founded more than 125 years ago as an industrial self-control organisation. It is an acronym in German for Technischer Überwachungs Verein, meaning technical inspection association. Besides several other activities it issues certificate related to safety in food management systems.

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